Daytona Meth Text

2. srpna 2013 v 10:15 | Mary
It's like a Hollywood movie
The black and white waves sparkling truly
My man likes to watch me while I watch TV
While he's t-t-touching me

I remember vintage green wallpaper,
Your criminal arms, I couldn't feel safer
King Creole daddy, chasing that paper, i l-l-love you

Baby you'll never be old in my eyes,
With your golden grill true love never dies,
We're forever young in paradise,
As long as you got the Chevrolet, I will ride
I will ride
I will ride

Baby you know mama never had much money,
But I plan on using this face to pay, honey
Give me give me give me give
You're so funny, love you 'til I die

Who's living life like it's the Belvedere
Swinging all night on the crystal chandelier
Bring that velvet Elvis over here
Come on, baby you never know 'til you try
Baby you never live 'til you die
Baby you never love 'til you're mine,
C'mon you're mine, you're mine, you're mine

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